Game Plan mock-ups


It's stressful trying to remember all the details of your team, your players, and your game schedule.

My Role
Ideation, Journey Mapping, Prototyping, Interaction Design

An intuitive app with all of your data and team info in an easy to navigate central location. Now you've got a Game Plan!

Figma, Affinity Photo, Miro, User interviews and testing

Design Process
Starting with an analysis of existing coaching tools, we determined their strengths and faults before moving to user interviews to understand coaching wants and needs. Afterwards we started prototyping before extensive user testing with this same focus group.

User Research

The participant pool will include coaches and trainers from different sports and sporting levels. Their feedback will help us determine what features could be most useful for numerous different sports. Questions include:

  • What type of information is frequently being communicated between coaches and trainers?
  • What kind of player data do you want to be able to see most often and in one place?
  • When looking a team data what would be the best way for you to see your team data sorted and why?
  • How would this information be best organized?
  • How could this information be best displayed in app form?

Research Synthesis
Through our user interviews and research, we reframed our problem statement for the scope of this project:

It's stressful trying to remember the details of each players training needs and availability. Coaches and trainers need a visual tool that sends them reminders and can be integrated into their personal calendar to reduce their time and effort on administrative tasks.

Interaction & UI Design

User Flows
Within the scope of this project, we focused on a few key elements in our design, establishing user-flows for each.

Create New Event / New Reminder
Create New Events flow
Read New Message / Respond
Read New Message flow
Sketches to Lo-Fi Wireframing
We then sketched out key concepts and turned them into a workable lo-fi wireframe within Figma for our first round of user testing.
Taking these sketches, I created clickable lo-fi wireframes to test our functionality and help organize all of our elements.
Additional Testing

The general functionality was well received but some of the UI components were confusing or missing within our workable lo-fi prototype.

We improved the size of icons, added better navigation, and re-arranged how the messaging screen worked. We also added notification elements and showed how interaction would work.

The Prototype

We believe that Game Plan can enhance the sports health ecosystem by improving communication, monitoring health, and advance the user experience. Centralizing that information into one location will allow players, coaches, and medical staff to communicate and collaborate better.