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Wayfynder Gameplan Third-Hand
Bicycle Co-op

The Problem: Planning a trip takes too much time, effort, and research.

The Solution: Wayfyndr is your travel agent in your pocket, personalizing your trip to your needs and wants!

The Problem: It's stressful trying to remember all the details of your team, your players, and your schedule!

The Solution: An intuitive app with all of your data and information in an easy to navigate central location. Now you’ve got a Game Plan!

The Problem: The original WordPress site was a simple template that was extremely text heavy and didn't reflect the lively, thriving Third Hand Bicycle Co-Op space or attitude. It felt dense, confusing, and impenetrable.

The Solution: Create a more vibrant, organized experience for what is, essentially, a static website that provides information on how to take advantage of their cooperative. Additionally, add more visual flare and photos to better reflect their values and their "punk" and "DIY" attitude.